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Street by Street - Aldington

The Aldington Enclosure Map of 1807 shows four named roads:  Bretforton Turnpike Road, Littleton Turnpike Road, Badsey Road, Pitwell Road.  Bretforton Turnpike Road is known today as Badsey Road and Littleton Turnpike Road as Offenham Road.  The historic use of the name Badsey Road was the start of what we know today as Village Street; it was the section of road leading from the Bretforton Turnpike Road to the start of the housing in the centre of Aldington, described in the Award Schedules as “an ancient lane”.  The name, Pitwell Lane, has been revived in the 21st century because of scattered developments along the western section of the road. 

It was not until the latter half of the 20th century that the road names we know today came into use, with the following names being used in the centre of Aldington:  Main Street, Hillside, Chapel Lane, Mill Lane, Village Street.  Post-war housing developments resulted in the following new roads:  Chestnut Close, Manor Gardens, The Hop Gardens.  In the west of the parish, the area known as The Parks was separated from the main village by the Evesham Bypass.  In the 21st century, a vast, new housing development off the Offenham Road created many new homes, most in Evesham but some in Aldington.  Lodge Park Drive, Offenham View, Turnpike Drive, Lambourne Close and part of Sunset Way are all within the parish boundary.  Listed below are all the roads in Aldington as at 2021: