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War Memorial in Badsey Church

Badsey%20001.jpgA stone plaque was erected on the north wall of St James’ Church, Badsey, in 1922.  It lists the names of 27 men from Badsey who died during the First World War, 12 of whom served with the Worcestershire Regiment.

Some of these men had lived in the village all their lives, others just a short time.  The criteria for inclusion on a war memorial was set by a memorial committee. The minutes of the memorial committee meetings for Badsey no longer exist, so the reasons why men were included or excluded is now lost with their records.

In addition to the main memorial, there is also an individual memorial for Louis Sparrow who was killed in 1916.

The majority of the biographies of the men listed on the war memorial have been compiled by Maureen Spinks.  Geoff Clarke, Chris Smith, Maureen Smith and Terry Sparrow have provided information on their own ancestors.  If you have any further information, please contact